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NZ Bridges With A Difference

Patented Bridging System

You could not get away with crossing water like this now

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Just one of the attractive bridges built buy Clearwater Crossings nz

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Business Card

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You could not get away with crossing water like this now

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 Partners in Clearwater Crossings builders of the best bridges NZ

Our Mission:


"Clearwater Crossings provide a safe, cost effective and environmentally friendly service, with a commitment to bring quality that leads to customer satisfaction”


It's been a problem for a while, you need to graze your stock on both sides of a stream and the cow race is much further around than as the crow flies.

You've been forced to fence off from your stock, to be compliant with clear water and the clean green image (see Dairying Accord - Streams  this page).


Clearwater Crossings Ltd aren't just bridge builders, they build NZ bridges with a difference, offering an ecologically friendly, Class 1, using a patented bridging system which is aesthetically pleasing and covers all requirements regarding land use consents. This crossing concept offers a wide range of sizes meeting your various stream widths at the stream water level and does not interfere with the stream bed or alter the flow in any way, which in turn encourages aquatic life to stay or migrate to your stream or river, and the installation causes little impact on the existing site. All this is what we stand for.


It's time to take stock, literally!


Get over it! Not through it!


Talk to Clearwater Crossings Ltd today!

A Solution Is Born

NZ Bridges With A Difference

Why a Clearwater Crossing?

  Culverts = increased velocity = turbulence + scouring =  total devastasion


Culvert Damage
Culvert Damage

Culverts become giant water blasters in a flood, carving your land away

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Culvert Damage
Culvert Damage

Culverts become giant water blasters in a flood, carving your land away

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Culverts become giant water blasters in a flood, carving your land away

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Culvert Damage
Culvert Damage

Culverts become giant water blasters in a flood, carving your land away

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If someone took a portion of your land away how would you feel? Don't worry, a culvert will do that for you. And where is that portion of land? In our harbours destroying our ecology.

Here at Clearwater Crossings we do care and have some cost effective solutions.

Our Solution

Environmentally/Ecologically Friendly

Aesthetically Pleasing

Low Impact


Cost Effective

Patent Number 611814


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Having a culvert to carry water under a road may seem like a solution but how effective is it?

When it floods, a culvert becomes a giant water blaster that simply fires water at the banks on the down side of the culvert ie culverts=increased velocity=turbulence + scouring=total devastation and over a short amount of time, erodes land away, your land!


And if the power of the water during a flood is too great, what we don’t see is the penetration of the  surrounding culvert wall, with a huge force that blows all the dirt and fill that surrounds the culvert, making it unstable for heavier vehicles, and thus presenting an unpredictable risk or hazard.


Clearwater Crossings Limited have got a permanent solution to this all too familiar problem. Clearwater Crossings have a patented bridging system that is not only very efficient in times of high water, but is installed with a minimum of disturbance to its surrounding land and is also very friendly to the ecosystem that exists in any natural water system. But with all that, Clearwater Crossings bridges are cost effective.


Clearwater Crossings manufacture and install bridges that are very attractive, very strong and have a class 1 rating. Clear Water Crossings bridges are made to last for a very long time, and will in fact be a safe witness to many a flood to come.

Bridges NZ

Photo taken two weeks after completion

Product Details

Whether you need access across a stream to your lifestyle block or your rural property


Or if you need access across your stream to your new house site or better access to your existing home.


Your cattle, your car, your tractor and a few heavy vehicles need to cross your stream, then that is what we do (see the Dairying and Clean Streams Accord at top of page


Clearwater Crossings don't just build bridges, but we build the best bridges in nz, installing robust, cost effective and aesthetically pleasing class 1 bridges that come in a variety of sizes and models (See "Product Details").


Clearwater Crossings build with an environmental approach, which means minimal disturbance to the site and surrounding landscape, and an undisturbed ecosystem or ecology of your stream, which in turn means the flora/fauna  will remain and even attract newcomers.


Clearwater Crossings regard effective and consistent communication between all staff and clients as paramount at all times (see “Testimonials”) “we do for you, with you in mind”.


Talk to us about our solution and it's benefits to you, Clearwater Crossings will come to your property and assist in finding a site for your crossing and the size that meets your needs.

Simply ring or email directly from  “contact us” at the bottom of this page.


We take pride in the knowledge that you will enjoy your Clearwater Crossing for years to come





Model 1



Type (junior) (base) (senior)


Span 3.1 x 2.4 wide 3.1 x 3.6 wide 4.6 x 2.4 wide

Model 2



Type (junior) (base) (senior)


Span 4.6 x 3.6 wide 4.6 x 4.8 wide 5.0 x 3.6 wide

Model 3



Type (junior) (base) (senior)


Span 5.0 x 4.8 wide 6.3 x 3.6 wide 6.3 x 4.8 wide

Model 4



Type (junior) (base) (senior)


Span 6.8 x 3.6 wide 6.8 x 4.8 wide 7.2 x 4.8 wide

Finish (style)


Rustic, Brick or Stone


Handrail/Railing (style) timber or pipe

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Official Launch Northern Advocate Nov 2013

Clearwater Crossings Bridges with a difference

Northern Farming Lifestyles Dec 2013

Northern Advocate Innovative Award Finalist 2014

clearwater crossings best nz bridges
clearwater crossings quality bridge

Meet Steve

 As a boy I often begged Dad to let me go to work with him when he could, who was an earth moving contractor at the time,


With this experience I learned the beauty and power of water.


I also spent many hours in the machine workshop learning to weld and create things from steel.


I was schooled in Kamo and Whangarei and often in the school holidays I would go on building sites with my Uncles in Auckland  to help them, which was another great interest to me.


After leaving High school I went to work for a small engineering company and shortly after that I returned to earth moving with Dad.



Steve Swann Engineer

I was called back up North to start my carpentry apprenticeship and after completing my apprenticeship, I had a short break then went back to earth moving.


I met my wife Helen and got married and had my first son Matthew who is now the manager of our engineering firm Parahaki Engineering 2008 LTD, which Helen, Matt and I bought, and then Simon our second son chased his dream to become a personal fitness trainer. I went back to building around this time working my way up, eventually forming my own building company, which still exists today with a Master Builder status. with our family's learned consideration for animals and environment, this has a major influence in how our bridge installation should be approached.


 With Kelly Wright already a business premises landlord of mine ( now my Clearwater Crossing partner),  a friendship soon developed and as time went by we got to talk quite frequently about our ideas of a venture and so Clearwater Crossings was born.


Now with this awareness of nature, we consider this in our approach to the construction of our Clearwater Crossings ie, we build nz bridges with a difference, which have a low impact on the environment and ecology encouraging wildlife habitat.


Today, with Master Builder Skills combined with both Earth Work and Engineering Skills the construction of our quality Clearwater Crossings is possible. Carpentry, engineering and earth works are all the perfect skills for the job.




Mum finds her way to her home at your place
We believe we design and build the best farm or lifestyle block bridges in NZ. Attractive, Ecological bridges.NZ Bridges With a Difference
Cross the water lawfully in NZ


Baby Paradise Ducks
Baby Paradise Ducks

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Baby Paradise Ducks
Baby Paradise Ducks

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NZ Bridge

Northern Farming Lifstyles June 2015

clearwater crossings build the best nz bridges


Clearwater Crossings recently installed a 4.6 metre bridge of their design on our property at Kauri.


The site chosen had to minimize damage to the environment, as well as blend aesthetically with the surrounding landscape.


From start to finish, the construction of the bridge was carried out in a very professional manner, despite inclement weather at times.


Communication between CCL management and customer was excellent.The end result; a bridge to be proud of and a very satisfied customer.


John and Bev

Attractive but Strong Clearwater Crossing
Satisfied Customers admire their Clearwater Crossing

Exciting moment driving over new crossing

          minutes after metal is laid down

Another Testimony

Mountains to Sea Conservation Trust

Satisfied customers admiring their new Clearwater Crossing

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Steve Swann Clearwater Crossings Partner

021 274 3831

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